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Ambulance Service

When every second counts, Nawaloka Medicare’s 24/7 ambulance service is here for you.

Consistently stocked with necessary resources, ensuring seamless testing and prompt results.

Your health matters around the clock. Ensuring uninterrupted access to critical medications.

Consult expert physicians online for personalized medical guidance and prescriptions.

Our Facilities

Hospital rooms & Services

The factor that mainly affects the comfortable feeling of a patient as well as their family is the room they will be accommodating during their stay at the hospital. It is acceptable that from the time of admission till the time the patient leaves the hospital, stress and pain is what engulfs them which might even make medical conditions worst than how it should be. This being the reason why we have made sure that the trained friendly staff members who manage the admitted patients’ area go on the extra mile in assisting with care. Due to this, we have quite a number of testimonials, which has proved that we work up to the words we speak.

The rooms are divided into several categories to choose from, which are allocated with different features so that everyone has an option to select. Menus of the meals made with standards that matches a five star hotel and cleanliness is what the patients need to have no doubts on.

Visitors are welcome any time of the day. The care team at the wards who follow up with constant check-ups will also facilitate the ommunications to doctors upon crucial medical conditions while our resident medical officers will be available to reach out to, 24/7.

Maternity Wards

Everything about parent-hood is amazing just as how overwhelming it can be and we very well are aware of that. That is why we at Nawaloka Care aim to be a part of that story which never forgotten in the memories of the baby’s Mom & Dad.

The staff dedicated to the Maternity wards at our hospital not only cares for the baby but the entire family as a unit since a baby’s delivery is in safe hands when it’s handled by a “second” family. The dedicated staff team work the extra mile to ensure that the delivery story becomes a stress-free one.

Tips and advices are giving throughout the stay and beyond. Programs such as prenatal seminars are conducted on preplanned schedules so that the Mother & Father are well prepared to face the delivery fearlessly.

Accident & Emergency

This is one of the units where at which every second counts. Time is key. Our team consists of trained staff members who give value to the responsibilities they take up at the crucial times of emergency. What needs to be checked on when it comes to deciding the hospital you should quickly arrive to upon an emergency, is the efficiency of the team and the equipment used.

Day Surgery

Although even the thought of a surgery can be stressful for a patient and his/her family, we at Nawaloka Care have taken the necessary steps to reduce that stress down to zero. The well trained staff members with the medical professionals work with the equipment which are up-to-date with today’s cutting edge technology to ensure that nothing is taken lightly here. No human or machinery errors are accepted here so the outcome of each surgery is exactly what the surgeons expect out of each procedure.

Intensive Care Unit

An intensive care unit of a hospital is the one that puts all of its energy and effort to respond to critical life-threatening situations. Hence the entire team needs to be on a constant watch out with close monitoring to meet the crucial requirements. The well trained staff at Nawaloka Care ICU provides 24/7 support to patients and their families assuring the best possible treatments which makes use of equipment that are up-to-date with the newest technology in medical field.

Operating Theater

The sole objective for us at Nawaloka Care is to make our operating theaters the place where millions of people come in with serious illnesses and go out with fixtures that lead them to the normal day-to-day life they were dreaming of.

What is Nawaloka Family Care?

Nawaloka Family Care is a dedicated program designed to provide comprehensive support to Sri Lankan families whose loved ones are living abroad for education or work. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and ensure your family receives the care they need, even when you can’t be there in person.

Why Choose Nawaloka Family Care?

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  • Personalized Support
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