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Nawaloka Capital Kurunegala

Based at the heart of Kurunegala, “Nawaloka Capital Kurunegala” is the dedicated centre for Gulf Medical Facility.

Based at the heart of Kurunegala, “Nawaloka Capital Kurunegala” is the high-end arm of the Nawaloka Hospitals which caters to the distinguished base of our customers with facilities that gives a premium experience. Our objective is to provide a professional and luxurious healthcare service which is of extra value to make the customer journey a more convenient & comfortable one. Every care-point at the Nawaloka Medicare Kurunegala is personalized.

It consists of main medical facilities such as OPD consultations, & channeling services along with a fully functional laboratory, ECGs, X rays & ultra sound scans. Special clinics such as Cardiac centre, Liver care, Dental care, Diabetes management, Rheumatology,  Pediatrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics and Mother & Baby clinic are also a part of the system.

In addition to its many other important medical services, the primary laboratory of the centre features a drive-through area where patients may get their lab samples. While the consumer is still in the vehicle, samples for testing may be collected from them to make the process comfortable for the consumer.

The concept of Nawaloka Capital Kurunegala is to emphasize on “Fitness” and is scheduled more under Weight Loss & Physiotherapy as well as Dermotalogical & Skin Care under Beauty & Well-Being. We have ensured the fine details of luxuriousness of our premium service at the Medicare Kurunegala by even minimzing the waiting time of those who consult our doctors and more.

Our mission is to create a new era in the health care industry by raising the standards of a private hospital in the country by carefully handcrafting every detail of the services we provide with passion and care. The luxuriousness one feels when they walk at the door is proof that we’re living up to the words we speak.

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