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Where Advanced Care Meets Affordability Pioneering Healthcare in Negombo: The Nawaloka Difference.

As a leading health care provider in Sri Lanka, Nawaloka Hospitals expanded their presence in the country by establishing another point of access for general public at Negombo in 2014. Being the hospital with a state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with the latest technology has always been the objective Nawaloka Hospitals as a brand. Once an arm of Nawaloka Hospital was established in Negombo, it was the first fully fledged private hospital with modern, advanced facilities and latest medical treatments in the region, as such we are proud to be pioneers in the healthcare industry contributing for the wellbeing of our people. So we are proud to be the pioneers in health care industry who contributes for the wellbeing of the people in our country. 

At Nawaloka Hospitals Negombo, trust is paramount. We ensure the accuracy of all medical procedures through a combination of factors: highly trained and experienced professionals, rigourous adherence to safety protocols, and cutting-edge technology. This commitment to quality care helps us build trusting relationships with our patients in the region.

Consisting of 75 beds, every single room in the hospital is air conditioned and provided with Wi-Fi connectivity, mini fridges, microwave ovens, LED televisions & DVD players. We have even looked into the fine details of luxury, with meals handled by an ultra-modern kitchen and chefs with expertise in the best cuisine.

It is our aim to raise the bar of standards of a private hospital in the country while remaining affordable and accessible for everyone. From the moment you step inside, our commitment to comfort and well-being shines through, reflecting our dedication to delivering on our promises. The luxuriousness we intend to provide for everyone who walks through the door, is proof that we’re living up to the words we speak.

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